That crazy feeling when you find a new band. Phish.

About a month ago, while reading some posts on Marco Arment blog, one got my attention, the one about Phish, a rock band that shines on live performances with long jams and heavy improvisation with jazz and fusion elements.

Since that day, Ive been listening to a some of their albums and a bunch of their live performances, which I found amazing.

Like Marco stated, the band strengths is on stage, the guitar tones are great, and the whole band amazes me every new tune I listen.

For the lovers of great music, there’s nothing better than finding a previously unknown band and start exploring their tunes discovering new stuff.

For a more detailed explanation about them, check Marco’s post but I totally encourage you to check them out. There is a live performance on Columbia,MD that can be listened for free on

Also, don’t miss they performing 2001 on Hampton,VA in 2009 on Youtube. The lights alone are a show. Don’t forget to kick at least 720p.

Later, leave me a feedback if you liked or not.

The +1 button

Reading a Tim Bray post, I figured out that the +1 button is not that useless as I thought previously. It could help improving search optimization for my blog and as everything that improves search, improves the web.

The Future of Mobile Carriers

Another day I was using iMessage (on iOS 5 beta) with a friend and the idea that SMS might be dead sometime with these options like iMessage, BBM, WhatsApp came to my mind.

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