Some people need challenges to grow

Flaviu nailed the exact same feeling I have about lack of new challenges. I quote a paragraph of his post below:

I feel most alive when learning something new. In any field.

Most jobs hire you for being relatively good at something. They want you to keep doing that one thing to increase their efficiency.

While this increases their efficiency in the short run, it hurts them in the long term as you start viewing your job as ‘soul-sucking’.

The lack of a challenge kills one’s potential. On the other hand, having a startup will always be a challenge.

Recently I’m feeling exactly like this. Being in the same company for 6 years brought a lack of motivation to create new solutions and everything seems automatic.

That’s why I try to always keep some side-projects. They could be learning a new language, creating Web app like the ones on my projects page or something related to music. This way I keep my brain from rusting until something great shows up.

Maybe I will try to turn things around soon.

What about you? What keeps you motivated?

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