About me

My name is Carlos Eduardo. I’m a Brazilian developer and tech enthusiast currently working at a major mobile phone carrier.

My great passion is to deal with music, either listening or making it, write software, fiddling with new technologies and trying to keep up to the latest gadgets available.

You can see more about my professional profile on Linkedin.

Stuff I use

Inspired by the guys from The Setup, I created this section where I list the hardware, applications and gadgets I use frequently. If you have any suggestion or a better option for anything I use, please tweet me. I will be glad to hear you.


My primary computer at home is a 13’’ Macbook Pro that I use as an studio and development platform. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S6 and I have an iPad Air 2 mostly for information consumption but recently I’ve been using as a platform to some web development and write this site.

Related to music, I have a Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 audio interface, a pair of KRK Rokit 5 monitors, an Akai MPK Mini controller, a KMI QuNeo and a Korg NanoKontrol2. Al these controller give me a lot of possibilities without having to interact with mouse or keyboard.

At home I can stream music and videos from my computer to the living room using an Apple TV 4 or an Apple Airport Express thru AirPlay connected to my receiver and watch on a Optoma HD20 projector.

Still considered hardware, I have a lot of coffee making options. Currently I’m addicted to specialty coffee made in a Hario V60 with Hario filters. I only buy whole beans and grind with a manual Hario Mini Mill. At work I make coffee in a Aeropress. In case I want a stronger coffee, I use a Bialetti Moka pot.


I manage my email, calendar and contacts on Gmail. All of them are in sync with my phone, , MacBook Pro and iPad. In the computer, I use a Gmail in a Fluid app and Calendar app. All my files are kept in sync with Onedrive. Backups are made into a Seagate 2TB drive using Time Machine.

I browse the web using Google Chrome in sync between my Mac, my work computer(a Lenovo PC), phone and iPad. Passwords using the fantastic and free Lastpass. My daily reading is done in Feedly while at work and Flipboard on phone or iPad.

I use some apps to enhance the experience on Mac. iStat Menus to have a couple widgets (CPU, memory, network), F.lux to have the colors more confortable at night, Caffeine to keep computer awake, Bartender to group some menu bar icons and DragonDrop to ease up file drag/drop.

All my notes are in Evernote. For bigger documents I use Microsoft Office. I Tweet using the official Twitter clients and IM with Facebook chat or WhatsApp.

I code in a multitude of languages, so my computer generally have Erlang, Python, Ruby, Node.js, all installed with Homebrew. My favorite editor for everything is Sublime Text on computers with a custom sublime config from my Github repository.

I’m a music lover and almost only use Spotify although I still have a 100GB+ library of music with iTunes. All my music is correctly tagged and only enters the library after tagging with Musicbrainz Picard. I listen to music using a pair of Sony MDR-10RBT or Grados SR-60i or Klipsch Custom-3 IEM and a DIY hybrid-tube headphone amplifier.

Last update on 11/11/2016